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A successful career had come my way almost by natural progression. I climbed the ladder as opportunities presented themselves, until one day I found myself struggling with self doubts. It reached the point where I really wasn't looking forward to the day ahead.

Barry has been able to help me understand that without realising it I had developed beliefs that were limiting my confidence as a result of some setbacks in my life. I reached a turning point when my achievements became my focus and I felt able to resolve some inner conflicts that were holding me back. This gave me the confidence to take on fresh challenges.

Being recommended to use Barry's services has really opened a door to a new sense of what is possible.

Simon, Bristol

“I was 6 months into my first real job after graduating from University, and I seemed to be running up hill and going nowhere. My colleagues were concentrating on their own careers and I continually felt like the new girl with a growing sense of being overwhelmed in the organisation. I could feel my hopes and dreams slipping away and I found myself questioning my own ability. From the outset Barry was able to put my situation into perspective in a way that I could relate to. We agreed a personal gameplan that I felt comfortable with based on a step by step approach. There was a noticeable and ongoing improvement in my self confidence which brought about real results. I feel that Barry has become a trusted mentor and coach that I can rely on.”

Lizzie, Cheltenham

“I always believed that I was strong character who could handle whatever issues came my way. What I hadn't anticipated was the building layers of stress and anxiety brought on by my business, a failing personal relationship, and the terminal illness of my remaining parent. The demands being made on me and my time became too much to handle and I didn't anticipate the crunch when it came. With Barry's help, eventually I was able to rationalise what was happening to me and prioritise with a workable plan that I committed to. I found that I was able to put my problems into their own boxes and tackle them separately and constructively until I was back in the driving seat.”

Chris, Burford

“Barry has helped me gain perspective and clarity on the challenges in my life and provided the tools to help with my decision making processes.  My emotional intelligence has improved enormously and I can now act and react in a far more constructive and beneficial way in order to achieve the best possible outcome.   His insightfulness, enthusiasm and objectivity have made my sessions with him invaluable.  I really feel that I’m on the road to fulfilling my personal and career goals.  I can’t recommend him highly enough”

Eve, Cheltenham

“Despite giving it my best shot I always came up short of what I wanted to achieve. This had been a pattern throughout my life, it seemed, and the latest example was not being accepted into University. Some tension had built up with my parents because they felt I was just filling my time and waiting for an opportunity to come my way. Barry has helped me to change my outlook by introducing  a different perspective on my abilities and prospects. With fresh motivation and a commitment to some reachable goals I have been able to get over the line.”

Steven, Newbury