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Barry New - Personal & Professional Coach

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"Barry has helped me gain perspective and clarity on the challenges in my life. I really feel that I’m now on the road to fulfilling my personal and career goals"

Eve, Cheltenham

It's a reality that we all have the ability within ourselves to fulfill our personal potential, but often something is blocking the way. Whether it's struggling to get to grips with targets and expectations in your working life, disappointments and setbacks robbing you of your confidence and peace of mind, or a growing sense of unease with your life leading to stress and anxiety, there will be a path to achieving a positive outcome.

You will find that a clear focus and noticeable improvements will develop very quickly. The motivation that this creates is what drives your momentum, raises your confidence, and helps to overcome possible self defeating beliefs that may be nagging away at you.


These are a selection of questions I am often asked:

What does coaching involve?

How can coaching help me?

How much will coaching cost?

In what way is coaching different to counselling?

What is NLP?

What confidentiality can I expect?

If there is anything else you would like to know, without any obligation, please get in touch.

The focus of my business is to help people overcome difficulties and make the most of their potential to achieve a better quality of life.

What qualifies me to coach you?

I am a qualified counsellor, personal coach, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) practioner. In addition, I have over 25 years experience of workplace coaching and mentoring as a senior manager with international organisations based in Europe, Africa, and Asia.